1. Swimmers are expected to participate in 2 dual meets during the swim season, they are encouraged to participate in all 4 as having a full roster helps to win meets. 
  2. If a swimmer becomes ill the morning of a meet, please contact Julie Pitassi at 717-856-8798.
  3. All meet information will be available on the team website. Please check the website each week for updates. 
  4. Parents are responsible for transportation of their swimmer(s) to and from each meet.  
  5. Team swim caps, competitive swim suits and goggles should be worn to all meets.
  6. Warm-ups will be done as a team and conducted by the coaching staff. Swimmers should be on deck and prepared to warm-up at the time designated in the swim meet email sent prior to the meet.
  7. Swimmers are encouraged to bring an extra towel and goggles for meets. 
  8. Swimmers should display courtesy and respect to all opponents and meet personnel at all times.
  9. Swimmers may request their time from a timer in their lane after they swim an event. 
  10. Parents are responsible for their child's behavior as well as siblings who attend the meet.
  11. All team members may be asked to sit together in the team's designated area. 
  12. Swimmers should obey all pool facility rules. This includes no chewing gum, no glass containers in the pool area, and no running. 

NOTE: The Devon Crest “baby” pool is not open for play during a swim meet. Please keep your kids out of this area.