Dual meets are swim competitions in which Devon Crest will swim against another swim team. These meets are generally held on Saturday mornings in June and July, and typically last 3.5 to 4 hours.

What do I need to do for a dual meet?
All swimmers are registered for dual meets UNLESS the coaches are notified that the swimmer will not be attending a particular meet. You will be expected to indicate which meets your swimmer will attend after registration closes. It is extremely important that you notify a coach as early as possible if you cannot attend a meet as it affects the meet line-up and relays.

Make sure that your swimmer is packed and ready for the meet. That includes goggles, swim cap, swim suit, towels, sweatpants and sweatshirts (it can be quite cold early in June!). You do not need to purchase the team suit even though most swimmers do. Your swimmer should wear a competitive swim suit and goggles. The team swim cap with name is strongly recommended, and is really helpful for our coaches, volunteers and team photographer. 

Swimmers should arrive with plenty of time for warm-ups. “Warm-ups” are generally a half-hour swim session conducted before the start of a meet that loosens swimmers’ muscles. An email will be sent in the week prior to the swim meet indicating warm-up and meet start time. Line ups are made available Friday nights prior to the meet.

Plan to volunteer your time and help out at the meet. Meets are run by parents. You will be expected to sign up for volunteer duties after registration closes.

How do I find out what my child is swimming at a dual meet?
The coaches will post the meet “line-up,” or what your child will be swimming, on the team website the evening before a swim meet. It is the parents and swimmer’s responsibility to know what events their swimmers will be swimming in. We recommend writing younger swimmers’ events on their arms with pen/sharpie as a reference. Swimmers are allowed to be placed in a maximum of three individual events and one relay.

What is the order of events for a dual meet?
See "Meet Order of Events" under the Meet Information tab.

How do I know when to send my child up to the blocks for their event?
For the 8 & Unders, volunteer parents will help corral them and get them behind the proper starting blocks for their event. If your swimmer chooses to sit with you during the meet, please let one of these volunteers or the coaches know so that they can find them prior to their event.  Older swimmers are expected to follow the course of the meet and get behind the starting blocks well in advance of their race.

What are ribbons?
Each swimmer that participates in a scoring event shall receive a place ribbon if they complete the race legally in one of the top 6 places. All other swimmers will receive exhibition ribbons.

My swimmer was disqualified. What does that mean?
Disqualification (or DQ’d, for short) means that the swimmer improperly performed some aspect of the start, stroke, turn or finish in violation of the Mid-Penn Swimming League rules, which are mostly based on the requirements of USA Swimming. The DQ is necessary to keep the competition fair and equitable for all other competitors. In a scoring event, this means that the swimmer will not receive an award or points for their event. If your child is DQ’d in an event, be supportive rather than critical. For beginning swimmers, a disqualification should be treated as a learning experience. A DQ alerts the swimmer and the coach to what portions of the swimmer's stroke need to be corrected.

What are exhibition heats?
In our summer outdoor competition meets, each team is only allotted 3 swimmers per scoring event. Since some age-groups have more swimmers than slots available for the scoring events, we run exhibition heats in addition to the scoring events in order to obtain times for each swimmer. Each swimmer in an exhibition event receives a ribbon for participating in the event.

Why is my child swimming "up" an age-group?
In order to score more points, the coaches will occasionally move a swimmer “up” an age-group (i.e., a 10 & Under will compete among 12 & Unders). This is a compliment to the swimmer if the coaches feel the swimmer can be more effective in a higher age group.

There are no dumb questions. If you are confused about something, ask a coach or swim team board parent.