Devon Crest Supporters!

After much discussion and pouring over weather reports, and endless watching of our weather apps the board has decided to go ahead with our traditional outdoor poolside banquet! Please take a moment to say a little prayer to the weather gods that we do not have a repeat of our Novice Meet weather. I mean that can't happen to the same team twice, right?

Here is some information/guidelines that we think will help make the night a success even if the weather does hit late in our party.

Umbrellas - bring one if you have it :)

Parking -the Devon Manor Pool lot is reserved for guests with disabilities, babies, and elderly riders. Everyone else should park at the Northside lot and walk over. This will ensure that in the event of a sudden downpour those guests are quickly able to get cover. The lot will still be available for drop offs. Do not park in the lot unless you have riders any any of these 3 categories.

Eating - will we work to get through eating and the bulk of our program as quickly as possible.

Slide Show - As of now the only rain is forecasted for 8 and it should be quick. In the event of rain we will reconvene as soon as the weather clears to watch the Year End Slide Show.

Swimming - it's going to be hot. We will do what we can to have the pool open up until the start of our program. This will be dependent on lifeguard availability but if it can be worked out it should help us all stay cool in the heat.

Clean Up - there is a core group of volunteers that stay each year for clean up. I'm asking if each of you will consider staying to help if possible. We have 70 families attending tonight. Clean up would be quick and easy if more that just 10 of them stayed to lend a hand. This will be especially important if the weather turns ugly.

Thanks everyone as always for your patience and understanding. I'm looking forward to another fabulous and memorable banquet!